I have always had an abnormally hairy back, which grossed out my wife. So much, in fact, that she refused to shave it, which meant that I was left with only one option: waxing, which I refused to do because of the pain factor. Then I found out about laser hair removal and eventually tried it. It was completely pain-free, and I was highly impressed by the understanding and kindness of the New Body Care staff. They gave me a high-quality treatment for a low price and acted very polite and professional the whole time. New Body Care Spa Inc. is the right option for anyone, trust me! 
_ Phil _
Whether you are looking forward to a special day, like your wedding, or would like to get your body back after having your beautiful baby, Body Shape may be right for you. Body Shape is the first and leading FDA-approved, non-invasive medical solution for circumferential reduction - making it a true body shaping solution.
New Body Care Spa Inc offers body contouring treatments that use a powerful combination of radiofrequency waves, infrared light energy, and massage. The process reduces fat cells, contours your curves and reshapes problem areas like your stomach, back, and thighs. For maximum results, body shaping sessions are often combined with cellulite treatment. Regainy our confidence and love your body again with body shaping and cellulite treatments from Advanced Laser Body Care.