Two months after receiving laser hair removal from New Body Care Spa Inc., I am as pleased with the treatment as I was the day I received it! Since childhood, I have always had a dark mustache above my upper lip which is unsightly for girls. I was picked on ruthlessly by other teenagers and was accused of taking steroids when I played sports. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the stache- shaving, hair removal creams, waxing- but nothing could keep it away for more than a day or two. Finally, I discovered laser hair removal and decided to give it a try. It was a complete success, and I am pleased to report that my mustache is still Missing In Action. I now possess a confidence I never knew before my hair removal treatment, which is a priceless and wonderful feeling.  
_ Traci Carr _

Getting Ready For a Wedding

Healthy, radiant skin, just in time for your special day! We will create a custom bridal beauty timeline for you. We can also prepare custom treatment plans for your mother, your bridal party and even the groom. These are progressive treatment plans which build up to the big day, helping you look your most beautiful ever. We suggest you come for you free consultation 4-6 months prior to your big day so that we have plenty of time to reach your skin care goals.

Take a look at a beauty timeline we created for Mother of the Bride.

Countdown to Wedding:

6 Months
  • Free bridal beauty consultation
  • Identification of areas of concern and goals desired
  • Includes suggestions for home skin care products to precondition skin for future
4 Months
  • Fractional treatment of full face and neck
14 Weeks
  • Mild chemical peel
12 Weeks
  • Photofacial of full face and hands
  • Body shape package
9 Weeks
  • Complete active phase of body shape
  • Chemical peel
  • Makeup consultation
7 Weeks
  • Botox
5 Weeks
  • Moderate chemical peel
3 Weeks
  • Complete phase 2 of body shape package

At New Body Care & spa we can work with you before the wedding for a beautiful "I Do." You have been waiting your whole life for this day, why not treat yourself?

Contact us to setup your bridal beauty consultation.