Laser hair removal is so much more convenient than shaving because it takes so little time. Think how much time you have spent shaving over the course of your life! If every shave takes you ten minutes and you shave three times a week like I did, you shave for about 1,560 hours every year. Now multiply that by the number of years since you started shaving, and it turns out you’ve spent entire months of your life just trying to rid yourself of those annoying body hairs! With laser hair removal, treatment is complete in just a few minutes, and you have permanently reduced, if not absent, body hair. I got the treatment, and those extra few minutes have been my lifesaver on countless occasions!!! 
_ Lucille M. _

PCA Peels are Back!

If you have acne, uneven skin tone, or wrinkles, a chemical peel might be the solution for your skin's imperfections. A peel is best suited for fair skinned individuals but can be successful in men and women with darker pigments.

How Chemical Peels Work

A facial chemical peel removes the outer layers of your skin, leaving your skin looking fresh and free of blemishes. Joie de Vivre prides itself on providing personalized services to our customers. We provide customized peels based on your specific skin type. Our highly experienced licensed aestheticians will evaluate your skin before proceeding with any service.

Whether your problem is adult acne, rosacea, or too much sun, we have a solution. We recommend treatments take place in 2-4 week intervals in order to achieve optimum results. Each chemical peel includes a free skin evaluation and suggested treatment plan. We also include a post care home treatment kit with each peel.